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First Impressions Are Everything, Walmart

I had just read about Walmart’s entrance into the online movie download business with their Video Download Service, and naturally wanted to check out their offering.


Walmart Video Downloads Issues

Walmart, don’t you know first impressions are everything?

Regardless, online movie download services just don’t appeal to me. As Michael Arrington points out, movies are still too expensive, in many cases costing more than the DVD. I can’t see why I would want to spend money on lower quality video that takes longer to download than it takes to buy at my local, brick-and-mortar Walmart.

With the entire industry trending towards high-definition, and given the rate at which high-definition TVs are selling these days, why is the online movie industry moving in the opposite direction?

Update: Techcrunch is reporting that the rendering error only affects IE users. I so rarely use IE that I didn’t even think to check and see if it were a Firefox issue. These days, it’s simply inexcusable for a web application to be non-functional in Firefox, especially for a service with significant “early-adopter” appeal.

Written by Sohail Mirza

February 6, 2007 at 8:28 am

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