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105,000 Calories To Go. *Sigh*

Lifting all this should lose a few pounds!Recently, I’ve been motivated to try and lose some weight. It’s not the first time ever, but it’s the first time in a long time that I’m sticking to a semi-displined routine. Needless to say, I’ve found it difficult to overcome this obstacle in the past, but I’m giving it an honest go now.

I’ve just entered week 4 (or is it 5?) of this weight-management run. Most people would be disappointed to learn that they’ve put in almost 5 weeks of effort, only to find they’ve lost little to no weight, but I’m comfortable with it so far. Call me an optimist, but I’m glad that I’m not gaining weight. It means that I’ve entered into a stable, holding pattern and that from here on in I can start making more sacrifices to lose weight.

The Balance

My personal experience in this regard has taught me one very crucial lesson: discipline is everything. And it can’t be partial discipline either, but total discipline. What I find is that if I miss even one evening of gym-going, my focus goes out of whack and I lose willpower. It’s worse than that though; I find that if I don’t go to bed in a timely manner even, my entire next day is thrown off. I won’t be able to wake up as early, thus won’t be able to get to work early. If I can’t get to work early, then I can’t leave right at 5pm, and if I can’t do that, I won’t get enough time to take care of things in the evening. If I can’t get all my computerizing taken care of and manage to eat dinner early enough, then I’m very disinclined to go to the gym. All because I didn’t get to bed on time the night before!

It really comes down to balance. I find I have to maintain an extremely balanced lifestyle in order to achieve my personal goals. When I’m able to maintain that balance, everything is in focus, and all things are achievable. The human body is built to lead a balanced life, and every factor that causes imbalance is a factor to be eliminated.

105,000 Sources of Imbalance

So, those 105,000 calories. I had set a goal for myself to lose 30 lbs within the next 4-5 months. So how many calories is 30 lbs? How many calories do I have to burn, exactly? Well apparently 1 lb of fat is equivalent to 3,500 calories. So, 30 lbs is 105,000 calories, which is a heck of a lot of calories no matter how you cut it.

Envisioning myself 105,000 calories lighter is exciting, but 5 weeks in, and only a few pounds lighter, am I failing in reaching my goal? I suppose I am, but I don’t mind if I can preserve the balance in my lifestyle. I’m eating healthier, feeling more energetic, am able to concentrate better at tasks, and feel more alive overall. Isn’t that enough?

Having attained a measure of balance, self-improvement seems obligatory now. I am comfortable with maintaining my current weight, but even still, I will be pushing towards some more weight loss. I suppose it’s a consequence of achieving The Balance.

Written by Sohail Mirza

March 19, 2007 at 10:40 pm

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