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Ubuntu Machines Make it to Dell Homepage

Found on Digg, Dell is advertising the new Ubuntu-powered machines on their homepage:

Ubuntu-powered machines on the Dell homepage.

In case you hadn’t heard, some time ago Dell created a Digg-like site called IdeaStorm where the public could submit innovative ideas to Dell and vote those ideas up or down. The suggestion that quickly rose to the top of the list was for Dell to start selling machines pre-loaded with Linux. There was initially some question as to whether Dell would go through with it or not as Dell reps had previously stated that they were considering Linux, but the support issues were a serious blocker on moving forward into the space.

Following the popularity of the IdeaStorm Ubuntu idea, it was later discovered that Michael Dell had a personal laptop (Dell Precision M90) running with Ubuntu. That pretty much confirmed what many believed was Dell’s interest in Ubuntu.

Subsequently, Dell officially announced that they would begin selling a few select machines with Ubuntu pre-loaded; Ubuntu was the natural choice given it’s skyrocketing popularity and it’s tremendous ease-of-use.

So, here we are today, seeing Ubuntu on the Dell homepage! Kudos, Dell!

By the way, if you can’t see the Ubuntu promotion on the homepage, keep refreshing until you do. Dell employs a rotation script that displays a different promotion on each page load.

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May 28, 2007 at 11:39 am

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