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Is Faster Access to the Internet Needed?

Faster internet access = greater innovationVishesh Kumar of the Wall Street Journal writes:

When it comes to Internet access, is there such a thing as too fast? That’s a question U.S. Internet providers are grappling with as they place strategic bets on whether or not to upgrade their networks to offer high-priced, superhigh-speed Web connections.

There have been plenty of comparisons between Internet access speeds and money.  Can one ever have enough money?  I’m sure none of us is at a loss when it comes to thinking of ways to spend money.

But more important than the money analogy is the importance of faster Internet access to media and technological innovation.

Since the advent of broadband connections we’ve seen the rise to ubiquity of YouTube, the advent of Internet applications that rival their desktop counterparts in functionality, and even the feasibility of cloud computing.  More than this, we’ve seen unprecedented democratization of information and the absolute ease of its dissemination.

This progress has all be thanks to the rise in Internet speeds.

Now imagine what we can do with 100Mbps or 400Mbps connections.  Just think of the possibilities.

Superhigh-speed broadband connections has the potential to make ubiquitous high-resolution videos, real-time video broadcast, and much, much more.  Most exciting is the prospect of engaging, entertaining, useful and indispensible applications of these superhigh-speed connections that we haven’t even thought of yet.

We don’t normally think of money as enabling us to contribute to society on the grand scale, and so comparisons of bandwidth-wealth to monetary-wealth fall short.  Bandwidth-wealth will usher in the next generation of rich media and communications access.

The important questions to ask no longer pertain to the need for faster internet access, but rather to the issues around time to deployment and ease of access.

I’d like my superhigh-speed access now, please, and I’ll take it in the 400Mbps variety, thank you very much!

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April 10, 2008 at 8:56 pm

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