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The Disappearing Male

Earlier in November, the CBC broadcast an investigative news piece titled The Disappearing Male on Doc Zone.  I’ve now read or seen a number of pieces on the issue covered in the report, that of relatively a sharp drop in the number of males of most animal species.

The documentary goes into the details of this phenomenon and discusses how human sexual function and sexual development are experiencing impairment due to the potpourri of man-made chemicals and materials that are present in our natural environment.  This impairment is somehow resulting in a reduction in the male to female birth ratio.

In a nutshell, we are experiencing the feminization of the human race.

The long term impact of this such an imbalance in males to females would result in large-scale social imbalances.  With a greater number of females, this means fewer females getting married.  This would likely negatively impact the already shrinking birth-rate in developed nations resulting in an even larger elderly care problem.  This is not even to speak of the social unrest associated with a large population of unmarried individuals, or of the genetic impact this may have on future generations.

I personally feel this issue is huge and warrants greater attention and more research.

Health Canada has recently taken some strong steps towards restricting the presence of the chemical Bisphenol A on the Canadian market.  Bisphenol A is considered to be a potential hazard to young children, and as such it’s use in baby bottles is now prohibited.  Unfortunately we may only find out the long-term health consequences of these chemicals once it’s too late to reverse the trend, but certainly reducing the exposure of young children to such chemicals is a positive development.

If you haven’t seen The Disappearing Male yet, you can now watch it on Google Video:

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November 25, 2008 at 3:40 am

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