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Helpful Hints: Downloading trailers from iTunes Movie Trailers

This guide works with iTunes Movie Trailers as of Jan. 14th, 2010.

What you’ll need to get things working is:

  1. The Greasemonkey Firefox addon.
  2. The HeaderControl Firefox addon.
  3. My iTunes Movie Trailers Download script.
Screen capture of iTunes Movie Trailers download page for the new Karate Kid

Yes, Karate Kid, I want to download you... even though Jackie Chan != Mr. Miyagi

Installing Greasemonkey

Thank goodness for Firefox documentation:  just use the easy-to-follow guide on installing extensions, but install Greasemonkey instead.

Instructions for installing Firefox Extensions

What could be better than easy to follow instructions?

Installing and Configuring HeaderControl

HeaderControl is slightly more difficult to install and requires some additional configuring as well.  Not to worry though, I’ve already covered it before.  Please refer to the section titled “Setting up HeaderControl” in my last version of this guide.  Just make sure you’ve got the User Agent string right (“Quicktime/7.6.2“).

Installing the iTunes Trailer Download script

Installing the script is as simple as visiting the script’s webpage and clicking the big green Install button:

Webpage for The Apple Trailer Download Greasemonkey script

Go ahead, cilck that big, green button.

Rock ‘n Roll

Followed all the steps?  Great, now you’re ready to rock and roll.  Go ahead and try it out.

Download links for the Karate Kid trailer

That's money.


Written by Sohail Mirza

January 14, 2010 at 2:03 am

Helpful Hints – Apple Movie Trailers download using Firefox, Greasemonkey, and User Agent hack

You can't stop us Apple!

You can't stop us Apple!

Only a few days ago I was disappointed to find that Apple had once again broken movie trailer downloads for non-iTunes users.  Thanks to the input of a few commentators on this blog, I think I’ve found a new workaround for Firefox/Greasemonkey users.

The workaround uses a combination of the most excellent Apple Trailer Download script by zatic (not my modified version — I’ll get to this in just a bit), and a modification to the User Agent string that Firefox uses to identify itself to websites.

Setting up HeaderControl

First of all, you’ll need to download this great experimental Firefox addon, HeaderControl (Disclaimer: always use caution with beta/experimental software.  I’m not responsible for any harm you may cause your computer).  What we’ll be using HeaderControl for is to enable a modified User Agent string for only the Apple trailer download site.  Some of you may have the popular User Agent Switcher extension installed, which could work as well, but I chose HeaderControl for this workaround because it allows per-domain user-agent switching.  The “per-domain” bit means I don’t have to keep switching the Firefox user agent for the trailers site, and back again.

Now, once you’ve installed HeaderControl, reboot Firefox and bring up the preferences dialog for HeaderControl.

HeaderControl Options dialog.

HeaderControl Options dialog.

Clicking the “Add” button, go ahead and create a new per-domain configuration for the domain,, and specify the custom user agent string “Quicktime/7.6.2“.  Note that you’ll only need to choose the “Mangle HTTP ‘UserAgent'” option.  You can leave alone the Referer and Language tabs.

Make sure the suffix is "" and that you have the user agent correct.

Make sure the suffix is "" and that you have the user agent correct.

Press “OK” to commit the new per-domain filter, and you’ll be good to go.

Downloading Trailers

For those of you who do not care to download the trailers but  just want to watch the trailers in your browser, you should be good to go.  Go ahead, hit up the trailers site and watch something special.

For those of you who want to download the trailers but don’t know how, you can refer to my original instructions, which should now work again.

Finally, if you’re amongst those who followed the steps in my previous post on the issue of Apple trailer download breakage by installing my modified Apple trailer download Greasemonkey script, then you have one more step to complete:  disable my script and go back to using the original Apple Trailer Download script by zatic.

Disable my "fixed" script.  It's no longer required.

Disable my "fixed" script. It's no longer required.

Once you’ve done this you should find yourself able to download movie trailers from Apple’s site once again.

Written by Sohail Mirza

October 9, 2009 at 12:08 am

Apple Movie Trailer downloads are broken… yet again

Apple sez no trailers for you.

Apple sez no trailers for you.

Wow, Apple seems very determined to break Apple Movie Trailer downloads for non-iTunes users. In their latest salvo at everyone who does not own a Mac and those who choose not to use iTunes, Apple has corrected both the www hack and user agent hack outlined in my last post on the topic.  This also renders my Greaseonkey script useless.

For the time being, I don’t have another workaround or fix to try, but as soon as I learn of one, I’ll be sure to share it.

Written by Sohail Mirza

October 6, 2009 at 6:49 pm

Apple Movie Trailer downloads are broken

Apple Trailers doesn't want us.  :(

iTunes Movie Trailers doesn't want us. 😦

In the past I had recommended a wonderful Greasemonkey script that would allow one to directly download the trailers from Apple Movie Trailers. Who wants to watch awesome trailers in a browser window anyhow? 🙂

It now seems like Apple has intentionally broken this and other means of downloading their trailers directly, as covered by

It looks like one of the adjustments they made was to only allow Quicktime to download the trailer. Any web browser will be automatically redirected to the Apple – Movie Trailers’ homepage.

Those great guys have a workaround though.  If you’re a Linux/OS X user, you can simply use wget with the Quicktime User Agent string:

wget -U QuickTime/7.6.2

If you’re on Leopard, you may not have wget.  In this case you may be able to use curl -O which supposedly does the same thing, though I can’t verify that this works:

curl -A QuickTime/7.6.2 -O

Another workaround, one that would also be simpler for Windows users, is to try using the User Agent Switcher Firefox extension.  Just make sure to use the Quicktime User Agent string in the examples above.

Windows users intent on using wget can try their luck with the GNU Utilities for Win32.

Update: Krunk from has commented that direct download will work if you just tweak the URL a bit.  Where the trailer typically comes from, just change that to  Be sure to check out their download guide.

Hmm… now to see whether we can get the Greasemonkey script updated to do this for us…

Update 2: I’ve uploaded a fixed version of zatic’s original Apple Trailer Download script to  I’ve simply applied the fix noted in the previous update, to the original script.

Written by Sohail Mirza

August 20, 2009 at 10:01 pm

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